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Memory Haven of Sumner
5107 Parker Rd E.
Sumner, WA 98390
Copyright 2016  Three Servant Care, LLC
Our Approach
Our dedicated team brings more than 150 years of collective
experience in the service of our residents. We’re specialists in caring
for those with dementia. We never lose sight of what meaningful,
compassionate care is all about. We treat our residents as if they were
our own family members.
Size Matters. Smaller is Better.
Memory Haven Sumner is memory care reinvented. We believe that leaving home for memory care doesn’t mean that a person
with dementia has to give up the comforts of home. Our experience has taught us that adult residential care doesn’t have to feel
institutional.  Each of our purpose-built cottages is uniquely designed for residents with dementia care needs. With a higher staff-
to-resident ratio, smaller is better because staff can make an even more meaningful difference in the daily lives of our residents.

We know that a consistent routine reduces stress and helps make moments of
joy possible for our residents.  We offer our residents a regular program of
engaging activities including live musicians who play familiar songs and tunes,
church services and concerts and picnics on cottage grounds. We celebrate the
holidays with special dinners and festivities.
Consistent Routine and Program
The Language of Validation & Support

We work hard to meet our residents where they are at presently, celebrating their lives and
learning what makes them happy and peaceful. We get to know our residents and validate
the world as they experience it. Figuratively speaking, if each resident has his or her own
unique language, we work hard to speak it every day.
We work hard to create moments of joy and connection for each of our residents. This
collective work by our entire team helps to reduce frustration and dementia-associated
behaviors like apathy, aggression, anxiety and agitation.
Secure & Safe
We have the latest technology and notification systems to monitor our residents.
We understand the importance of keeping your loved one safe and secure. Our
technology, whether notification systems to monitor residents or secured key-pad
entry doors, helps us accomplish this each and every day.
“It’s amazing what you do
every hour of the day. I watch
you daily in wonder and
amazement. You provide
quality of life, a caring presence
and technical abilities most of
us will never possess. God’s love
shines through you to those
who can long no longer care for
Reggie Reese, son of resident
Our Approach