Inside our Suites
Memory Haven offers mostly all private bedroom suites. Memory Haven’s two
cottages are each equipped with 11 private bedroom suites and one companion
bedroom suite.
· Every resident room has a private bathroom and shower.
· Every room has a wardrobe unit (and safe) for the storage of clothing and
other personal items.
· All suites are equipped with separate air conditioning, heat and in-room
· Optional cable and television connections are provided in each room.
· Phone or cable services would be ordered and paid for by the family of the
resident through Comcast.
· Towels and bed sheets are provided. Families should provide a pillow, blanket
and any other bedding items.

Our suites provide residents the opportunity for privacy and personalization
surrounded by their own furniture and mementos. Everyone brings their own
furniture, wall hangings, and other decorations to create a more home-like feel. We
know that familiar items offer cues to improve memory and reduce stress.
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